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Monday, January 24, 2011

The most amazing 10K ever!

Sunday was my first 10K! Well yes I do know that I have done all the other mileages (half-marathon and full marathon) first - I guess I'm just an overachiever like that..

I started out the morning not sure what intervals I was going to do - I have done primarily walking for the last couple of seasons with the exception of the CIM relay which I did 3 run 1 walk and it worked out OK - so right before the race I decided that I would do those intervals again.

We had a big group of Sacfitters out there - most of them doing the 5K - but what a great group!
I felt really awesome the whole race and got lots of comments on my running fairy outfit - it is so much fun running all dressed up!

My official time is 1:21:15 - Average pace 13:05!

Sure I came in 33rd out of 37 in my age group - but that is an awesome time for me and I think it maybe my fastest average pace in a race - I will have to check out my past race times and see.

And after the race a group of us stayed to cheer in the last of the runners - there were lots still out doing the half marathon and we had so much fun!

And then there was this...I climbed a rock wall! - would I have done this 100 pounds ago? Heck no! I only went about halfway up - then I remembered I'm afraid of heights - but I did it! The most amazing part? I want to do it again! I'm thinking about going to an indoor place and I won't be as intimidated by the height part and I can practice the whole letting go and leaning back to come down thing...

After the race excitement was all over I met my wonderful hubster and younger son at the mall where they had stopped by the Apple store and bought me a present! They are so awesome!! I got this...I'm such a lucky girl :)


Jessica said...

Great race! :D Rock walls are fun, but I am with you on the heights thing. There is a rock wall at the Natomas CalFit, you should check it out. Congrats on finnaly getting your new nano! And in pink too, of course :D

Heather said...

WOW! That was a HUGE weekend!Congrats on your fastest race ever. You are a total inspiration to me, Sabrina!