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Monday, September 13, 2010

My poor neglected blog!

I have a million excuses for not updating my blog in a while and none of them are very good...

I have been very busy soaking up the last of summer, we had a day trip on a weekend that turned into an over night trip at the last minute because we were having to much fun (hoping to write a post about that one..), our weekend walks are getting longer in preparation for our full marathon coming up and of course there is the working full time, still maintaining a household and child and such... blah blah blah....

Good news? I made the Elk Grove Citizen Newspaper! - it is an article about the Elk Grove Food bank and they put me in there because Weight Watchers made a food donation for me being a Role Model of the year 2010 contest winner! It is a very small mention, but still pretty cool! You can see the article here (Elk Grove Citizen) and click on the arrow under the picture to see the pic of me and the 100 pounds of food donated!

I will try and get my blog updated soon -There has been high points (a race this weekend and the Spontaneous Labor day weekend trip where we ended up staying overnight and didn't even have a bag packed.) And low points (stress eating, higher weight than I'm comfortable with right now, a loss of mojo resulting in not getting as many workouts in as I should be and my Dad having surgery in a week in remove the upper lobe of his lung to get rid of the cancer.)

Here is a pic taken in South Lake Tahoe of me and my little guy! We had so much fun on this trip and it is these types of memories that he will have for a long time!


Karen said...

Hi Sabrina,

You are AWESOME! You look AWESOME! What an inspiration you are to me. I love your blog. I'm a "retired" WW leader. Just wanted to offer my congrats to you. Great pics on Lose 4 Good and with your son too.
<3 Karen

Heather said...

My mojo has flown out the window, too!!! We need to team together & form a search party for our missing mojos.


KleinsteMotte said...

You are looking great and the little guy too. You seem to have some rough weather ahead with your dad. Hope it will work out ok.