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Friday, May 28, 2010

Role Model of the Year Contest

I was going to post my essay earlier but I was too chicken to do that - I had doubts that I would even post it at all - because I had decided that if I didn't win I wouldn't post it. My husband and I tossed ideas back and forth and I told him at one point I wanted to be the fairy princess in the story with the happy ending - so we came up with a version of my story that was just that and I decided that was the one I would submit! So here it is in all it's glory - my 1st prize winning essay for the Weight Watchers Role Model of the Year 2010!

There once was a young maiden who married her prince and was blessed with a son. This was when her battle with the Evil Gainer began. For 21 years she meekly battled the Evil Gainer until July 2007, when her wizard gave her potions for high blood pressure and depression. To defeat the Evil Gainer her wizard suggested joining the great Weight Watchers crusade.
Our maiden used weapons the Evil Gainer feared the most. Water, natural foods and knowledge from the Weight Watchers Sages became the weapons she used to battle her enemy.
Her first victory occurred when she eliminated 10% of Gainers power. She was awarded by the Sages and her wizard removed the cursed potions from her life. Her journey continued until she had reduced Gainers power by 50%. The battle raged on for another nine months before she emerged victorious by reducing Gainers power by another 5%.
To help in her battle she joined a group that performed rituals known as Marathons. She became an apprentice to perform the half-marathon ritual which she completed twice. She returned to her comrades and received the honor of Pace Assistant. She found great pleasure in seeing her apprentices reach their goals and overcome fears of their own. She was praised by her apprentices and peers for being an inspiration when times were darkest. In November 2009 our maiden completed the ritual known as Marathon and all was good. She is now an apprentice to achieve the coveted Triathlon. She has used a magical blog throughout her journey and many have praised her as an inspiration to them. She believes the greatest role models are honest, open and sincere.
In December 2009 our maiden vanquished Gainer. She reached her goal by removing the 98.5 pounds Gainer had shackled her with over 21 years of servitude.
Earlier this year our maiden’s son was taken to the wizards and placed in ICU. This was a horrific time for her son’s fate was uncertain and he could be taken at any time. Her battle with Gainer had given her strength that she had not had before. She became the pillar that others turned to for support where she would have needed the support before the battle.
Her son made a miraculous recovery and is more active today than ever before. She is looking forward to many happy memories with her family and friends.

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Papa and Granny said...

Great essay, Comgratulations on the win......AND THE LOSS!!!