My Weight Loss Ticker!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A couple of pictures to share with you!

This is how I survived Thanksgiving and lost 1.8 pounds this week!

In the bottom right corner is my place setting - to my left is the salad and my scale that I did use to weigh everything - right in front of my plate is two measuring cups that were also used to keep my portions in check. I started my meal out with salad and then made my other choices after I was done with my salad!

AND - This is what my Wii fit showed me this morning! A "Normal" BMI! The Wii fit and Weight watchers scale is a little different but only about a pound, so all I have to do is kick this last pound to the curb and I will be at my goal! I sure do like the cool sound it made when I have a normal BMI - a girl can get used to that!! I promise now though I won't get obsessive and weight myself everyday like I used to do!

On a side note - I hope I have not jinxed myself, but I have people coming to my next Weight Watchers meeting because so many people wanted to be there when I hit goal - I have told them all to show up next Sunday - most of them wanted a weeks notice - so the pressure is on - My leader has told me she will bring a sheet with her and if I have to I will take things off to hit my goal, but I'm hoping that will not be necessary!!